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A call to creative producers

There is exponential growth in the creative services niche. Visit our creators page to learn about how you can add value to potential customers.

You work, we sell. It's win win made in creative heaven.

For studio producers and musicians

We're calling out all musicians and producers to send their stock music tracks for news media outlets, private company presentations and advertising videos.

In just the U.S. there is an audience of 220 million online video viewers. By 2021 this number will grow to be 83.8% of all online users.


Scouting services for a global market

43stock takes pride in it's Scouting Services. Marketing and advertising projects nowdays have their film crew in one location, production and editing in another, while the creative leads are usually at yet another location.

Getting a global team to work together requieres scouting talent and locations. We provide both and at great flexible prices.